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  • Cream's Goodbye Tour – Live 1968 Available February 7, 2020
    December 02, 2019
    Listen to a previously unreleased live version of Sunshine Of Your Love below. Plus, initial pre-orders get an exclusive 12 x 12 art print free! Universal Music Canada has announced a brand new 4CD box set ‘Goodbye Tour – Live 1968.’ Slated for release on February 7, 2020, it has three complete U.S. concerts recorded in October 1968 at the Oakland Coliseum, Los Angeles Forum and San Diego Sports Arena plus Cream's farewell U.K. performance from November 26, 1968 at London's Royal Albert Hall.  ‘Goodbye Tour – Live 1968’ has a total of 36 tracks, of which 19 are previously unreleased. A further 10 - from the Royal Albert Hall - have only ever been available on DVD. The complete track list is below. On its original release in February 1969, 'Goodbye' combined live performances with a handful of studio recordings. It reached the Number 1 slot in the U.K. and Number 2 on the U.S. Billboard chart. The original release's live tracks were recorded at the Los Angeles Forum. Speaking of the band's performances in a press release announcing the set, Eric Clapton said, "Cream was a shambling circus of diverse personalities who happened to find that catalyst together…any one of us could have played unaccompanied for a good length of time. So you put the three of us together in front of an audience willing to dig it limitlessly, we could have gone on forever…and we did…just going for the moon every time we played.” ‘Goodbye Tour – Live 1968.’ was produced by Bill Levenson. The Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego concerts were mastered from the original 1968 analog mix reels by Kevin Reeves at Universal Mastering, Nashville, TN. The London concert was mastered from the original 1968 analog transfer reels by Jason NeSmith at Chase Park Transduction, Athens, GA. Rolling Stone magazine’s David Fricke wrote the liner notes for the book included in the set.  Pre-Order at free 12 x 12 art print limited to initial orders only CREAM: GOODBYE TOUR - LIVE 1968 TRACK LIST All tracks previously unreleased, except * DISC ONE: Oakland Coliseum (October 4, 1968)01. White Room 6.19 *02. Politician 5.22 *03. Crossroads 3.5704. Sunshine Of Your Love 5.3505. Spoonful 16.4706. Deserted Cities Of The Heart 5.26 *07. Passing The Time 10.4008. I’m So Glad 7.07 DISC TWO: Los Angeles Forum (October 19, 1968)01. Introduction by Buddy Miles 1:3902. White Room 6.5303. Politician 6.41 * 04. I’m So Glad 9.37 *05. Sitting On Top Of The World 4.53 *06. Crossroads 4.2507. Sunshine Of Your Love 6.2708. Traintime 8.1109. Toad 12.55010. Spoonful 17.27 * DISC THREE: San Diego Sports Arena (October 20, 1968)01. White Room 6.4202. Politician 6.2603. I’m So Glad 7.5304. Sitting On Top Of The World 5.4505. Sunshine Of Your Love 5.1306. Crossroads 4.1307. Traintime 9.3908. Toad 14.0309. Spoonful 9.12 DISC FOUR: Farewell Show at Royal Albert Hall (November 26, 1968)01. White Room 8.0202. Politician 6.3703. I’m So Glad 6.5304. Sitting On Top Of The World 5.0605. Crossroads 5.0306. Toad 11.2207. Spoonful 15.4708. Sunshine Of Your Love 8.3709. Steppin’Out 5.02 Listen to a previously unreleased version of Cream's Sunshine Of Your Love from the upcoming box set and first revealed by Classic Rock: