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Eric Clapton Song Index

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Crossroads (CD 2)
Crossroads-Cream (CD 2)
Crossroads-Derek And The Dominos (CD 2)
Cryin' (CD 1)
Cryin' (studio outtake) (CD 4)
Crying Eyes (feat. Christine Lakeland and Derek Trucks)
Days Of Old
Dead End Road
Don't Blame Me
Don't Cry Sister
Don't Know Which Way To Go
Don't Know Why
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Don't Wait (feat. John Mayer)
Double Crossin' Time John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
Double Trouble
Double Trouble (28 Nov 1978) (CD 4)
Double Trouble (CD 2)
Double Trouble (CD 2)
Double Trouble (CD 4)
Double Trouble-Eric Clapton
Driftin' Blues
Driftin' Blues (25 June 1975) (CD 2)
Driftin' Blues (CD 2)
Driftin' Blues / Rambling On My Mind (20 July 1974) (CD 1)
Early in the Morning
Early In The Morning (24 Nov 1978) (CD 4)
Early In The Morning (CD 1)