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Eric Clapton Song Index

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She's Waiting
She's Waiting
She's Waiting
She's Waiting (CD 2)
She's Waiting (CD 4)
She's Waiting-Eric Clapton
Sick & Tired
Sign Language
Sign Language (CD 4)
Sign Language-Eric Clapton
Since You Said Goodbye
Singin' the Blues
Sinner's Prayer
Sleeping In The Ground-Blind Faith (CD 2)
Slow Down Linda
Smokestack Lightning
Snake Lake Blues-Derek And The Dominos (CD 3)
So Tired
Someday (feat. Mark Knopfler)
Someday After A While
Someone Like You (CD 3)
Someone Like You-Eric Clapton
Something Special
Something's Happening
Son And Sylvia
Songbird (feat. Willie Nelson)
Spoonful (CD 1)