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Eric Clapton Song Index

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River Of Tears
River Of Tears (CD 1)
River Of Tears (DVD)
Rock And Roll Records (feat. Tom Petty)
Roll It
Roll It Over
Roll It Over-Derek and The Dominos (CD 2)
Rollin' And Tumblin'
Run Back To Your Side
Run Home To Me
Run So Far
Running On Faith
Running On Faith
Running On Faith
Running on Faith
Running On Faith (CD 1)
Running On Faith (Unplugged) (CD 2)
Same Old Blues
San Francisco Bay Blues
Say What You Will
Sea Of Joy (CD 2)
Sea of Joy (Vinyl - Album 1)
Second Nature
See What Love Can Do
Sensitive Kind (feat. Don White)
Setting Me Up (CD 2)
She's Gone
She's Gone (CD 1)
She's Gone (DVD)