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Eric Clapton Song Index

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I Don't Want To Discuss It (CD 2)
I Feel Free
I Feel Free (CD 1)
I Feel Free-Cream (CD 1)
I Found A Love (CD 3)
I Found A Love-Eric Clapton
I Got The Same Old Blues (feat. Tom Petty)
I Looked Away (Side One)
I Looked Away (Vinyl - Album 1)
I Shot The Sheriff
I Shot the Sheriff
I Shot The Sheriff
I Shot The Sheriff
I Shot The Sheriff (CD 1)
I Shot The Sheriff (28 June 1975) (CD 2)
I Shot The Sheriff (CD 3)
I Shot The Sheriff-Eric Clapton
I Wanna Be
I Want A Little Girl
I Want A Little Girl (CD 2)
I Want A Little Girl (DVD)
I Want To Know (CD 1)
I Wish You Would - Yardbirds
I Wish You Would-The Yardbirds (CD 1)
I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) (feat. Don White)
I'll Make Love To You Anytime
I'm a Man
I'm a Man
I'm Going Left
I'm Not Talking - Yardbirds