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Eric Clapton Song Index

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Smokestack Lightning
Snake Lake Blues-Derek And The Dominos (CD 3)
So Tired
Someday (feat. Mark Knopfler)
Someday After A While
Someone Like You (CD 3)
Someone Like You-Eric Clapton
Something Special
Something's Happening
Son And Sylvia
Songbird (feat. Willie Nelson)
Spoonful (CD 1)
Spoonful-Cream (CD 1)
Sportin' Life Blues
Sporting Life Blues
Standing Around Crying
Starbound (feat. Willie Nelson and Derek Trucks)
Steady Rollin' Man
Steppin' Out - John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
Steppin' Out-Cream (CD 1)
Still Got The Blues
Still I'm Sad
Stones In My Passway (DVD)
Stop Breakin' Down Blues
Stop Breakin' Down Blues
Stop Breakin' Down Blues (CD)
Stormy Monday (27 April 1977) (CD 3)
Stormy Monday (CD 2)
Strange Brew
Strange Brew-Cream (CD 1)