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  • 01/31/10

    Eric Clapton's passion for Ferrari is well known. He recently sat down with Stefano Lai, Communications Director of Ferrari S.p.A. for an interview where he talks about his love of racing, Ferrari cars, music and technology. Watch it exclusively on

  • 01/26/10

    THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED (12 February 2010 at 23:59 London Time)

    T-Mobile, Eric Clapton and Fender have partnered to create a hot new limited edition myTouch 3G Smartphone. Eric is currently starring in a TV commercial and is featured in print ads in the United States to launch it. Where’s Eric! has two of these collector's items to give away in an online contest to Where's Eric! Magazine subscribers courtesy of T-Mobile. Keep reading to learn how.

  • 01/22/10

    T-Mobile, Eric Clapton and Fender have partnered to create a limited edition myTouch 3G Smartphone. The commercial features the song "I've Got A Rock 'N' Roll Heart" which can be purchased at iTunes here.

    The album that the song appears on, Money and Cigarettes is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble here.

    The Eric Clapton Store is currently featuring the exclusive "I've Got A Rock 'N' Roll Heart" bundle. It includes a limited edition classic heart t-shirt and a digital compilation featuring 10 of Eric Clapton's Greatest Hits.

    Click here to watch a preview of Eric's TV commercial for T-Mobile. The smartphone has a Fender guitar sunburst finish and will come pre-loaded with some of Eric's hit songs, Android Market applications and other content. One of the included apps is "Guitar Solo".

  • 01/19/10

    Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood have added a concert to their summer jaunt around Europe. They'll perform at St. Jakobshalle in Basel, Switzerland on 26 May 2010. Tickets go on sale Thursday 21 January at 8 o'clock according to the Good News Website. Tickets (standing), as well as VIP Packages (numbered seats), will be available from or by phone from 0900 800 800.