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  • 09/29/09

    Ginger Baker’s no-holds-barred autobiography hits store shelves on 5 October 2009 from John Blake Publishing. In Hellraiser - The Autobiography of The World's Greatest Drummer, Baker tells of his formative years in South London during World War II, his early dreams of becoming a racing cyclist, his lengthy music career including his days in Cream and Blind Faith with Eric Clapton, his love of polo, to his life today on a ranch in South Africa. Where’s Eric! is hosting an enter to win contest to celebrate the book’s publication.

  • 09/25/09

    At 9AM (UK) on Saturday 26 September, a special ticket pre sale for the members of EC Access, Eric Clapton’s Official Fan Club. This pre sale for the Eric Clapton / Jeff Beck concert, which takes place at The O2, London on 13 February 2010 will end on 28 September at 9AM; tickets subject to availability.

  • 09/23/09

    On 13 February 2010, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck will perform a sure-to-be historic double-bill at The O2 in London. This special concert event takes place almost exactly one year after their joint shows in Saitama, Japan. Those performances gathered rave reviews from music fans worldwide. The duo has said that no exact set list has been discussed for the February 2010 concert, but they plan to each do their own respective sets followed by a joint set that is expected to be longer than in Japan.

  • 09/22/09

    Eric Clapton is featured in several recent releases from other artists plus a massive DVD box set celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Levitate, from Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers, is out now. It features EC in a guest spot on the track "Space Is The Place". EC joined Bruce and the band on The Jay Leno Show (NBC, US) last week to perform the song. It's the second time EC has joined Hornsby in the recording studio as a guest.