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  • 11/02/09

    Universal Music Group will release a double disc Deluxe Edition of the seminal 60s recording John Mayall with Eric Clapton Blues Breakers on 17 November 2009 in the United States. Known affectionately as "The Beano Album," this upcoming U.S. release is identical to the 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition released outside the United States in 2006. Disc One contains both the mono and stereo versions of the album.

  • 10/27/09

    As announced on on 23 October 2009, Eric Clapton has cancelled his performance for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert on 30 October to undergo a minor medical procedure for gall stones. The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame has announced that the Jeff Beck Band will perform in Eric's stead, along with some very special guests at Madison Square Garden this Friday night (30 October).

    The dedicated website for the 25th Anniversary Concerts,, has the following announcement on the show update page:

  • 10/24/09

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  • 10/22/09

    Unfortunately Eric Clapton has canceled his performance for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert next week to undergo a minor medical procedure for gall stones. He will spend time recuperating at home in the UK and is very sorry to disappoint the fans and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He remains committed to his 2010 concert schedule.

    Spokespeople for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame said today that they wish Eric Clapton all the best and they will announce a replacement for Eric’s part of the show shortly.