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Clapton / Winwood Tour Stops In Washington D.C.

Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and their band rolled into Washington D.C. for one performance at the Verizon Center on 13 June 2009. Eric and Steve are now adjusting the set list a bit. They dropped Tell The Truth, added Crossroads, as well as re-arranged the song order. Early reports indicate it was another winner! Check out the Tour Section for fan reviews and for even more details,...

Clapton / Winwood: Verizon Center, Washington D.C.

Night 3 of the 14-date U.S. tour. Tell The Truth was dropped, Crossroads was added and the set list was re-arranged. As always, fan reviews can be submitted to

Clapton / Winwood: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia PA

Night Two of Eric Clapton's and Steve Winwood's 14-date U.S. Tour. There was a minor adjustment to the set list with Pearly Queen and Tell The Truth changing position. Were you there? Why not submit your review of the gig to Where's Eric!? Email it to

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood Rock Philadelphia!

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood continued their 14-date jaunt around the United States with a stop in Philadelphia. One fan told Where's Eric, "As good as night one was on Wednesday, this show was better. There were a few minor flubs - like EC and Steve missing their vocal cues in "Forever Man" - but overall, they really nailed this one." A long-time fan who travelled from the U.K. to see the show said, "The one thing that amazed me most was I saw a totally 'different' EC than at the RAH less than two weeks ago. He was good then, but when isn't he. Tonight? I've never heard him like this. It was like travelling back to 1969 the way he played. Winwood really pushed him to an entirely different level. Amazing." For more commentary and the complete set list,...

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