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  • 03/12/10

    PHOTOS ADDED!! Eric Clapton played to a packed Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida on 11 March 2010. Like previous shows on the short U.S. Tour, it was broken into three sections: electric / acoustic / electric. One fan who checked in soon after the show with Where's Eric! said, "[Eric kicked off] with a rousing version of 'Going Down Slow' but really hit his stride four songs in with 'Old Love' which has always been a real favorite of mine.

  • 03/10/10

    MORE PHOTOS ADDED! Fans have been checking in with Where's Eric! following the recent Clapton concerts in New Orleans (6 March), Raleigh (8 March) and Atlanta (9 March). Eric, his band and crew are now on their way to Florida for the final two shows of the tour in Sunrise (11 March) and Orlando (13 March). For this short tour, Eric's band features Chris Stainton (keyboards), Walt Richmond (keyboards), Willie Weeks (bass), Steve Gadd (drums), Michelle John (backing vocals) and Sharon White (backing vocals).

    Here are some quick quotes for each of these shows:

  • 03/06/10

    Eric Clapton's 2010 U.S. reached it's midpoint with shows in Kansas City (3 March) and Memphis (5 March). The setlist touches on all aspects of EC's storied recording career with material from Cream, Derek and the Dominos and his 70s to 90s solo material, particularly touching on EC's blues roots. Although the setlist has remained fixed, fans have been raving about EC's blistering guitar work on both electric and acoustic. The tour wraps 13 March at the Amway Arena in Orlando. Before that, they visit New Orleans (6 March), Raleigh (8 March), Atlanta (9 March), and Sunrise (11 March).

  • 03/03/10

    Eric and his band were at Tulsa's BOK Center on Tuesday, 2 March. All the early reports indicated Eric rocked the BOK. It was a "hometown show" for bandmember Walt Richmond (keyboards). Opening with "Going Down Slow," Eric took the audience on a musical tour of his career touching on his blues roots, his work with Derek & The Dominos, Cream, and his ample solo catalog. One fan commented from his iPhone right after the show, "The 7 hour drive to Tulsa was worth it. A veteran of many shows since '74, I can say his playing is better than ever.