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  • 06/12/10

    Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood performed the next-to-last concert of their 16 date co-headling tour at Bucharest's Rugby Park (Stadionul Tineretului) on 11 June. There were no changes to the 20 song set list. The crowd was treated to Blind Faith Classics, material from Clapton's and Winwood's solo careers, blues and a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile" (Winwood played on the original recording). Where's Eric!

  • 06/11/10

    The 2010 Eric Clapton / Steve Winwood European Tour has reached its final stages. The duo appeared in concert at the Belgrade Arena on 9 June. Only two dates remain - Bucharest on 11 June and Istanbul on 13 June. One fan in attendance told Where's Eric!, "Half of concert, chills run through my body and the other half, I had tears of joy ... The concert was amazing, so much energy in the arena from the public, but also from Eric, Steve and the band. LIke the other tour dates, the top of the night was Voodoo Chile ...

  • 06/09/10

    Back by popular demand at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival is a Festival Village. Hosted by Guitar Center, it will feature over twenty guitar-centric exhibitions including guitar manufacturers, amplification and gear brands. Guitar Center will also be bringing back it's "Legends Collection" of vintage guitars including Eric's "Blackie" Fender Stratocaster, his cherry red Gibson ES-335, Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Lenny" and other rare instruments. The Village's Ernie Ball Stage will host a series of Master Guitar Clinics from 10AM until mid-afternoon.

  • 06/08/10

    On 7 June, Eric Clapton's and Steve Winwood's co-headlining tour reached Vienna, Austria (the date also marked the 41st Anniversary of the duo's debut in Blind Faith at a gig in Hyde Park, London). The 20 song set was drawn from material from their days in Blind Faith, their respective solo careers as well as gems from other bands they have worked with. There were no changes to the set list. Only three concerts remain: Belgrade (9 June), Bucharest (11 June) and Istanbul (13 June).