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  • 06/22/10

    Eric Clapton’s third Crossroads Guitar Festival takes place this Saturday 26 June at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois, southwest of Chicago. Gates are scheduled to open at 10AM, but could open a bit earlier. Music on the main stage will begin at 12PM. An exclusive line of themed merchandise has been created especially for the 2010 Festival. A number of different t-shirts and other items will be available along with a limited edition silk-screen print by Firehouse Kustom Rock Art.

  • 06/21/10

    Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival is just days away! If you're attending, Where's Eric! wants to hear from you! We'll be creating a permanent fan archive about the festival on Email your review of one performer, your favorite performers or the entire festival. Share your best photos from the main stage, the Ernie Ball Stage or the action in the Guitar Center Village. You can also send details about the set lists, band lineups, guitars, amps and equipment to Everyone’s perspective is welcome!

  • 06/20/10

    At Eric Clapton’s upcoming Crossroads Guitar Festival at Toyota Park, an exciting raffle will take place in the Festival's Guitar Center Village, with all proceeds going to Crossroads Centre Antigua. Some exhibitors will have a raffle item on display. Items include a myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition Smartphone signed by Eric Clapton, a Gibson ES335 Guitar, Takamine EF508KC Acoustic - Electric Guitar, a Fishman Custom Wood Amp and more! Raffle tickets can be purchased at the T-Mobile tent for two dollars each or six for ten dollars.

  • 06/18/10

    Indianapolis FOX59 Morning News will be giving tickets to the Eric Clapton with Roger Daltrey show coming to Verizon Wireless Music Center on Friday, July 2nd. Starting on Monday, June 21st, FOX59 Morning News team will ask viewers every morning, Monday - Friday, to log-on, find the Clapton set list of the day and identify the specific song number they announced on that day’s newscast.