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  • 05/21/15

    Eric Clapton has been playing a blinder this season at the Royal Albert Hall during his seven-show 70th Birthday Concert Celebration at the London venue. He's been chatting and cracking jokes to the audience even keeping them up-to-date with scores from the Hawthorns during the West Bromwich Albion match against Chelsea on Monday evening (Baggies won 3-0, much to Eric's delight). That same evening, he shouted out "B.B. King, B.B. King, B.B. King" during an emotional version of Little Queen of Spades.

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  • 05/20/15

    In Celebration of Father's Day & the first day of Summer, the Eric Clapton store is launching a Behind the Sun T-Shirt + Laminate Bundle commemorating the 1985 Behind the Sun World Tour. Order before June 3rd to receive in time for Father's Day (US Delivery Guaranteed – international delivery times will vary) ! This bundle will only be available through June 30th. Get 15% Off Storewide with purchase! Pre-Order Now.

  • 05/17/15

    TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Join legendary cricketer and tireless philanthropist Sir Ian "Beefy" Botham and special guests for his big birthday fundraiser at the Wormsley Estate, where cricket, fine food and incredible live music from Strapped For Cash and Eric Clapton & His Band combine for the perfect family day out! The event on Saturday, 25 July benefits Beefy's Charity Foundation.

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  • 05/15/15

    On 14 May 2015, Eric Clapton kicked off his 17th residency at London's famed Royal Albert Hall. Speaking to the 5,000-strong audience at the start of his second concert on 15 May, EC dedicated the performance to B.B. King, who passed away the evening before at age 89.
    The second concert of the run also marked the British Blues Legend's 200th appearance at the venue since 1964 and made EC the first guitarist to achieve that number of performances at the venue.
    On both evenings, the crowd gave EC a standing ovation and serenaded him with a chorus of "Happy Birthday" prior to the start of the