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Clapton and Winwood: Back In Sweet Home Chicago With Special Guest Buddy Guy!

[Updated] On 27 July 2007, Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood performed a short, electrifying set at Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival outside of Chicago. They left fans wanting more. On 17 June 2009, Chicago-area fans finally got their wish - a full concert by the two rock legends at the United Center. One fan checking in with their blackberry right after the show called it a "once-in-a-lifetime experience - Clapton and Winwood simply bring out the best in each other." Another wrote, "I don't have words to describe it. All I know is I'm skipping work and driving to St. Paul to see them again tomorrow night. And I'm 57!" And if that wasn't enough for the Chicago audience, blues legend Buddy Guy joined Eric and Steve on stage near the end of the show for several songs, which naturally included "Sweet Home Chicago" which Buddy ended by singing a bit of "Watch Yourself" and "Drowning On Dry Land." For more details and the complete set list,...

Clapton / Winwood: United Center, Chicago, IL

Blues Legend Buddy Guy joined EC and Steve on stage at the United Center. Check out the fan reviews. Were you there? Why not send your review of the Chicago concert to for publication on this webpage?...

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood Interview:"In The Studio"

American radio host and legendary program director, Redbeard, recently had the opportunity to talk with both Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood about their new live CD / DVD and tour of America. His syndicated radio program airs on over 90 stations across the United States. The show dedicated to Clapton and Winwood is airing in two parts the weeks of 8 and 15 June. For those outside the listening area, you can tune in online on Redbeard's website,

Clapton & Winwood at "The Shot": 15 June 2009

[Set list has been confirmed - see full article for details.] Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and their supporting musicians pulled into Columbus, Ohio for a one-night sold out performance at the Schottenstein Center on 15 June 2009. Like all previous shows on the tour, the 21 song set kicked off with Blind Faith's "Had To Cry Today" right around 8:15PM. Clapton and Winwood continue to tweak the set list - "Crossroads" was dropped and "Split Decision" was brought back. Notably Winwood performed "There's A River" in place of "No Face" and that "Nobody Knows You" was dropped in favour of "How Long Blues." The acoustic "sit down" portion of the concert continues to get high marks from those in attendance. One fan who sent a quick note right after the show ended said, "Killer concert. It's unbelievable how two extraordinarily accomplished guitar players can each play a Fender Stratocaster and yet sound so different! Winwood gives Clapton a run for his money on guitar.

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