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  • 08/28/10

    In a brand-new online video interview, Eric talks about his new album, "Clapton". It drops 22 September in Japan, 24 September in Germany, 27 September in the UK and Australia, and 28 September in the US and Canada. A deluxe-version with bonus track is available exclusively from (When on the homepage, click on the "Read More" link below the Clapton on Clapton picture to watch the interview). 

  • 08/27/10

    Mojo online has published a new interview where Eric Clapton talks about his new album "Clapton" to Johnny Walker. He speaks in detail of how he crafts his version of standards, his singing, his musical direction, the songs on the album, and plenty more. Read it at

  • 08/24/10

    In addition to the limited edition print on high-quality archival paper created for and sold at Eric Clapton's 2010 Crossroads Guitar Festival, artists Ron Donovan and Dave Hunter at Hangar 18 in Oakland, California created two extra-special limited editions. Each special style was limited to 25 prints each and measures 25 x 35 inches. Less than 5 remain of the 9-colour silk screen print on old birch wood stained with a cherry / walnut combination. Less than 15 remain of the 9-colour silk screen print on orbital steel.

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  • 08/23/10

    We are excited to announce that the Deluxe Limited Edition Bundle of the new Eric Clapton album entitled "CLAPTON" is now available to pre-order in the official Eric Clapton store!

    Price: $39.99


    The album features 14 new tracks and this limited edition bundle includes an exclusive BONUS track "You Better Watch Yourself" all on a collectible 24 Karat gold CD.

    The CD is contained in a 16 page hard cover book that features never-before-seen photos of Eric and fellow CLAPTON musicians from the studio.

    You will also receive an 11" x 14" exclusive lithograph that has a print of Eric's signature and photo of Eric's iconic guitar "Blackie."

    US residents, pre-order by September 18th, to receive your bundle on or around the September 28th release date. Members of EC ACCESS, the official Eric Clapton fan club, save 10% on every purchase in the official Eric Clapton store. Visit to join and receive a 10% discount on this bundle!