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  • 08/23/10

    We are excited to announce that the Deluxe Limited Edition Bundle of the new Eric Clapton album entitled "CLAPTON" is now available to pre-order in the official Eric Clapton store!

    Price: $39.99


    The album features 14 new tracks and this limited edition bundle includes an exclusive BONUS track "You Better Watch Yourself" all on a collectible 24 Karat gold CD.

    The CD is contained in a 16 page hard cover book that features never-before-seen photos of Eric and fellow CLAPTON musicians from the studio.

    You will also receive an 11" x 14" exclusive lithograph that has a print of Eric's signature and photo of Eric's iconic guitar "Blackie."

    US residents, pre-order by September 18th, to receive your bundle on or around the September 28th release date. Members of EC ACCESS, the official Eric Clapton fan club, save 10% on every purchase in the official Eric Clapton store. Visit to join and receive a 10% discount on this bundle!

  • 08/22/10

    With a name like "The Gaddabouts" you know that legendary drummer and longtime Eric Clapton bandmember Steve Gadd must be involved! The band is rounded out by Edie Brickell and two other Clapton Band alums, Andy Fairweather Low and Pino Palladino. The Gaddabouts will release their debut album in January 2011. Their concert premiere will follow in April 2011 and will be a part of WFUV's Concert Series in New York City. Two tracks from the forthcoming album are currently streaming on

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  • 08/21/10

    [Updated] A new DVD documentary,  "Eric Clapton: The 1960s Review", will be released on 13 September in the UK, and 21 September 2010 in the US, Canada and Germany. It will become available in all other major territories in the following months.

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  • 08/20/10

    Eric Clapton's new album, "Clapton," is out 22 September in Japan, 24 September in Germany, 27 September in the UK and Australia, and 28 September in the US and Canada. 96.9 The Eagle in Sacramento, California is currently streaming the song "Run Back To Your Side" on their website. You can listen here. Fans have also reported hearing it on-air in some major US radio markets, like WXRT in Chicago.

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