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  • 07/29/11

    George Harrison was an inspiration to Eric Clapton and musicians across the world. In 1971, his friend Ravi Shankar asked him to help the children of Bangladesh. George took action by hosting the Concert for Bangladesh in support of UNICEF. Eric is proud to join the anniversary celebration and honor George’s legacy by supporting the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF. Now through Monday you can watch a live stream of the concert, download and donate to help children affected by the famine in Africa. For more details visit or text FRIEND to 864233 to donate

  • 07/25/11

    Due to popular demand, Eric Clapton has added a second concert at the HSBC Arena in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on 10 October 2011. The 9 October concert went on sale last week and sold out quickly. Tickets for the added second show go on sale 30 July at 12:01AM via This tour will mark Clapton's first return to the continent since October 2001. Tickets for other South American dates also go on sale this week, check the Where's Eric!

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  • 07/24/11

    [UPDATE 9 AUGUST: THE MATCH HAS BEEN CANCELLED BY THE BUNBURY CRICKET CLUB. IT WILL NOT TAKE PLACE ON 3 SEPTEMBER AS PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED]. On 3 September, Eric Clapton will field a team of friends against The Bunbury XI in a celebrity charity cricket match to celebrate The Bunbury's 25th Anniversary at Lord's Cricket Ground.

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  • 07/22/11

    After only 2 days after going on-sale last Saturday July16th, tickets for the Eric Clapton Performance on October 9th at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro SOLD OUT and a second date has been added on October 10th also at the HSBC Arena.

    Tickets for the October 10th performance will be available starting on July 30th, 2011 at 12:01AM. Tickets for his São Paulo performance on October 12th are already on-sale and in Porto Alegre tickets go on sale on Friday, July 29th, 2011.

    On the heels of Eric Clapton’s recent album and a touring run on the West Coast of the U.S.