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    Eric Clapton topped the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart with I Still Do, his 23rd solo studio album, with 44,000 copies sold. The album is his first U.S. No. 1 on Top Rock Albums since 2010's Clapton.

    I Still Do also debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200, making it EC's 16th top 10 title as a solo artist, dating to his first, History of Eric Clapton, which peaked at No. 6 in 1972.

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    To celebrate more than 40 years of creating books that are works of art in themselves and their 100th edition, Genesis Publications worked with Eric Clapton, Sir Peter Blake, and the estates of George Harrison and David Bowie to reimagine some of their most sought-after books as a collection of fine-bound pocket editions. GENESIS 100, limited to 1500 copies, allows readers to rediscover some of the most collectible works published by Geneis on the journey to 100 editions. Included are
    • "Songs by George Harrison" by George Harrison and Keith West
    • "24 Nights" by Eric Clapton and Sir

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    Nearly four hours of landmark live performances have been culled from Eric Clapton's four Crossroads Guitar Festivals to create a 41 track set out July 1 on Rhino Records. It will be available in physical (CD) and digital editions.

    Where's Eric?

    In celebration of the release of “I Still Do,” Ernie Ball and Eric Clapton are giving fans the chance to win an amazing album prize package:
    “I Still Do” album vinyl
    “Every Little Thing” album vinyl
    “I Still Do” album Vacuum-tube USB
    Year’s Supply of Ernie Ball strings in Eric Clapton’s gauges
    Limited Edition Gift Set including Custom Vacuum-Tube USB and CD Denim Box
    Limited Edition print of ‘Old Sock’ album painting (frame not included)
    Eric Clapton & Friends – "The Breeze" Deluxe Edition CD box set

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