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  • 12/04/11

    Guitarist Hubert Sumlin died Sunday, 4 December of heart failure at a hospital in Wayne, New Jersey. The legendary bluesman celebrated his 80th birthday only weeks ago on 16 November. Gaining fame as the guitarist behind Howlin' Wolf from 1953 until Wolf's death in 1976, Hubert influenced an entire generation of electric blues and rock guitarists. In the current issue of Rolling Stone, he's ranked 43rd in magazine's list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

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  • 12/03/11

    Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood played a brilliant second concert at Tokyo's Nippon Budokan according to those in attendance, many who have traveled more than halfway around the world to see these very special gigs. There was a minor change to the set list, with "Pearly Queen" once again replacing "Midland Maniac". One fan told Where's Eric!, "Eric's in a great mood and played very well today but for me, the first show was a bit better" Another said, "a brilliant and high energy second Tokyo gig.

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  • 12/02/11

    The Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood 2011 Japan Tour Poster by artist John Van Hamersveld is now available to order just in time for the holidays. Remember to purchase by December 16th to ensure that poster will arrive in time for Christmas.

    This is a hand numbered limited run of only 250 posters printed worldwide. Commissioned to commemorate the 2011 tour of Japan with Steve Winwood and only available at

    The 24”x36” Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood 2011 Japan Tour Poster is hand numbered and printed in eight custom colors using soy inks, with a 1"x1" embossment for authentication.

  • 12/02/11

    The second fanclub exclusive lithograph has been revealed in EC Access and shipping to members soon. Join or renew now for full access to all of the EC Access benefits. Deluxe membership includes:

    • Wyton Marsalis & Eric Clapton Play The Blues CD/DVD and Limited Edition Frameable Lithograph Set
    • 1 year of unlimited access to exclusive online community at
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    • Opportunity to purchase tickets to select events when Eric tours.
    Exclusive photos, videos, downloads, and more.
    • PLUS many surprises throughout the year!

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