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Clapton & Winwood: Two More Stupendous Nights

Steve Winwood is on stage with Eric Clapton for the final concerts of EC's 2011 Royal Albert Hall residency. On Sunday (29 May) and Monday (30 May), the duo performed another pair of stupendous concerts at the London venue. Their final concert, and the last of EC's 11 nights at the venue, takes place 1 June. Each evening, the men have been tweaking the set list a bit but the guaranteed standout number each evening has been Voodoo Chile. High marks have also been given to Pearly Queen, Glad / Well Alright, Georgia, and Hoochie Coochie Man.
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Clapton's "Dust Up" Of The Albert Continues With Steve Winwood

On 26 May, Eric Clapton kicked off the second round of 2011 concerts at London's Royal Albert Hall with his former Blind Faith bandmate, Steve Winwood. Althought the two have performed together periodically since 2008, no venue is as special as the Albert to Clapton's legions of fans. In all, there will be five concerts with Winwood at the venue through 1 June. They are accompanied by Chris Stainton (keyboards), Steve Gadd (drums), Willie Weeks (bass), Sharon White (backing vocals) and Michelle John (backing vocals).
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Eric Clapton & His Band: Night 6 In London

Eric Clapton's sixth and last solo concert for 2011 took place at the Royal Albert Hall on 24 May. It was an energetic with EC stepping it up a level for the 17 song set. The  new arrangement of Hoochie Coochie Man, along with Old Love, Tearing Us Apart and Little Queen Of Spades were the stand-out numbers according to many fans in attendance. Starting 26 May, he will be joined by Steve Winwood for five nights. Andy Fairweather Low and The Low Riders open at all performances.
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Clapton: Rave Up At The Albert Hall

Eric Clapton's fifth show at London's Royal Albert Hall had a very different pace and feel from the Saturday concert. Eric not only modified the set list, but modified the arrangements of several numbers as well. During the sit-down set, fan consensus seems to be that Still Got The Blues and Same Old Blues are nightly standouts and that Driftin' should be retired for a bit in favor of another song (Ramblin' was the most frequently mentioned). One fan commented that it would be great if EC plugged back in for Layla but perform it in the unplugged-style.
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