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  • 08/20/18

    On Saturday, August 18, Eric Clapton sat in with the Jimmie Vaughan Trio in Columbus, Ohio. The trio (and their very special guest) headlined the Project Blues Review which raised funds for the Columbus Cancer Clinic. You can watch a snippet of EC's performance on Mike Flanigin's facebook page here.
    Project Blues is a philanthropic organization focused on meaningful projects related to Blues music that raises awareness and funding to help people impacted by cancer but without resources connect with resources that can help them.

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    Marcy Levy (aka Marcella Detroit) was born in Detroit and began playing in different bands in her home town in the early 70s. This would bring her into contact with major acts like Bob Seger and Leon Russell with whom she performed live. After moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma to further her career, she was asked to join Eric Clapton's band for touring and recording, contributing songwriting credits on several songs - "Lay Down Sally," "The Core," "Hungry," "Tangled in Love," and "Walk Away."


    She formed Shakespeare's Sister in 1988 with former Bananarama member Siobhan Fahey, and enjoyed much

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    On September 14, Hawkwind are to release their 31st studio album, "Road To Utopia," featuring Eric Clapton on 'The Watcher.' Eric is old friends with founder member Dave Brock. Back in 1962, the blues enthusiasts performed as a duo in the folk pubs, clubs and coffeehouses in Surrey. Dave recently told "Uncut" that back then he also used to go round Eric’s house to listen to records. Incidentally, Eric is the second member of Cream to play with Hawkwind. In the early eighties, Ginger Baker joined the band for a time.

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    - Were you there? Send a review to
    - Marcy Levy and Santana join EC on stage
    - Four 80s albums re-released on vinyl to commemorate the event

    Following two concerts in Germany at the start of the week, Eric returned home to England to headline British Summer Time Hyde Park on 8 July. 65,000 people attended the central London concert and were still in a celebratory mood following England's quarterfinal win over Sweden on Saturday. Eric acknowledged the Three Lions at the top of his set, telling the crowd "It's coming home." 

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