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Eric Clapton: Great Seats Released For MSG

on March 17, 2017 - 12:14pm

Due to production holds, great seats have just been released for Eric Clapton's concerts at Madison Square Garden on 19 and 20 March. Limited ticket quantities available now at

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Michelle John Reaches Quarter Finals On The Voice UK

on March 17, 2017 - 12:09am

[March 18 Update:  Michelle John made it through the Quarter Finals and will compete again next weekend on The Voice UK]

WATCH AND VOTE SATURDAY NIGHT ON ITV! UK residents can vote for free using the official The Voice UK app or can call / text the numbers given out during the broadcast.

Michelle John, a backing vocalist for EC, has made it to the Quarter Finals of The Voice UK. Tune in to ITV this Saturday, 18 March at 8:30PM. It's in the hands of viewers to vote for their favourites and help the judges. Following Saturday's broadcast, four aspiring stars will be voted off the show.

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Win An Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster

on March 16, 2017 - 7:53am

To celebrate the release of Eric Clapton's "Live In San Diego With Special Guest JJ Cale" on DVD and Blu-Ray, Warner Brothers Records will award an Eric Clapton Signature Model Fender Stratocaster to one lucky person. Enter to win at through April 1.

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Be A Part of Clapton History: Send Reviews & Photos From Upcoming Shows

on March 14, 2017 - 1:59pm

Eric Clapton performs at Madison Square Garden on March 19/20 and The Forum on March 25/26. Texas bluesman Jimmie Vaughan will kick things off each night at 7:30PM.

If you're one of the lucky fans attending these special shows, help document them for posterity. Send your reviews and photos to All fan reviews and photographs will be hosted permanently on

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Michelle John Tonight On The Voice UK

on March 10, 2017 - 9:06pm

[13 March Update:  Michelle made it through the Live Knockout Round on Saturday, 11 March. She now heads to the Quarter Finals on The Voice UK.]

Michelle John, a backing vocalist for EC, is fighting to keep her place on The Voice UK tonight, 11 March. If you live in the UK, be sure to tune in to ITV at 8:30pm. (Unfortunately, due to her continued success on the show, she won’t be part of the band for the Spring 2017 concerts.)

The public can vote for their favourites for free using the official The Voice UK app. IOS and Android versions can be downloaded here

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